Refine Your Traffic With Negative Keywords

negative keywords                 Common search phrases you don’t want to pay for.


Negative Keywords Are Critical To a Well-Rounded Campaign Strategy.


There is no argument that the fundamental focus for a pay per click advertising campaign is targeting the […]

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Html Canvas


Our Wirefreesoft team is always looking for useful tools to build websites, apps, Adwords, WordPress, and pretty much any other technology that enhances our ability to optimize client websites (and business).Html 5 Paino

Here is a web page Canvas reference being developed by We see more great html 5 and […]

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Conversions – Clicks That Count

Not All Clicks Are Created Equal

Viewing reports and seeing your clicks / day on the rise is exciting and on the surface this appears to be a good thing and all things being equal (in terms of quality hits) it generally is. And conversely, watching your click count fall feels […]

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Cloud Storage Space

Cloud Syncing

One of our Wirefreesoft consultants had a quick cloud summary article to contribute since she has been transitioning to the Cloud. We thought this would be useful for those looking for articles on Cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage is my new go-to container for content. Why? Because I’m tired of being confused about which computer, […]

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Black Mirror and Your Internet Ranking


Techno-utopia or dystopia?

In a digital world, your hard work is ranked. You often receive like/dislike, yes/no, 1 to 5-stars that can make you feel vulnerable? Even your business can be susceptible to these ranking systems. So consider, what ways could you optimize your website and have more control over your internet presence.

Black Mirror Reflection

A Netflix […]

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