Refine Your Traffic With Negative Keywords

negative keywords                 Common search phrases you don’t want to pay for.


Negative Keywords Are Critical To a Well-Rounded Campaign Strategy.


There is no argument that the fundamental focus for a pay per click advertising campaign is targeting the […]

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Conversions – Clicks That Count

Not All Clicks Are Created Equal

Viewing reports and seeing your clicks / day on the rise is exciting and on the surface this appears to be a good thing and all things being equal (in terms of quality hits) it generally is. And conversely, watching your click count fall feels […]

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Google Expanded Adword Text

Google Adwords increase in the Ad character limit…

This is a much needed change to allow more descriptive phrases to be displayed on search…definitely a big help on mobile phones where as much text info as possible helps Ads give a better representation of what they advertising.

Mobile is the biggest push by Google and […]

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Google Removes Right Side Ads

Major Ad Change by Google – Who Benefits?

We are sure a few of you noticed something this week when you did a search on Google; the Ads were gone on the right side of the search result. There are alot of takes on this new approach and what does it mean […]

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