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The Landing Page – Backbone to Online Advertising Success

Why Is The Landing Page So Important?

If you think of your web site as the storefront of your business then the landing pages are the qualified in store personnel that are helping patrons to locate what they came for, answer any questions they might have, promote the brand, and skillfully guide customers towards a purchase.

Landing pages are central to the core objectives and act as the foundation for your online campaigns. Similar to a house without a good foundation an online marketing directive will have a difficult time reaching its intended goals without good landing pages to support it. While good keyword research and selection will target your niche audience, and while attractive ad copy will lure your audience to your page from the SERP results;  if they arrive to a site experience that fails to clearly illustrate the information they were searching for and that does not provide the confidence that they are viewing an authority on the subject capable of fullfilling their request, a less than marginal experience will result, and all of your preliminary PPC strategies to promote your business and product have been for not.

A good landing page will target a particular audience landing page

The landing page therefore is the backbone of the entire digital marketing process. Once your marketing model has been established and the connection as to Who you are, What do you offer, and Who is your target audience, is realized, then the page concept and design can evolve. It will develop your brand, accentuate it, promote it, and describe it in the most compelling and informative way.

Landing Page Optimization Leads to More Conversions

Understanding how to fully optimize a targeted landing page is vital to the success of either your PPC or SEO marketing campaigns. The page should be optimized not only to provide relevant information that your targeted visitors will find very useful for what they need, but should also possess the ability of effectively selling the product or service you are promoting.

A good landing page will

    1. Target highly specific keyword phrases
    2. Zero-in on the offer, not the company.  Your future customers are clicking for a reason, and duping them by not giving them what you’ve promised is not going to form a good first impression.
    3. Stay focused and be free of distractions.
    4. Speak to a specific audience. Segmenting your customer base helps you to target specific consumers through customized campaigns.
    5. Will carry the same branding weight as any other facet of your digital presence. Make sure each of your landing pages focuses on delivering the core message and feel of your brand.

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