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Refine Your Traffic With Negative Keywords

negative keywords

                Common search phrases you don’t want to pay for.


Negative Keywords Are Critical To a Well-Rounded Campaign Strategy.


There is no argument that the fundamental focus for a pay per click advertising campaign is targeting the right audience. Connecting user queries to thoughtful proven keywords is what search advertising is all about. In this light keywords are the bridge that targets and connects potential customers/clients to your web site and ultimately your product/services. Statistically speaking there are certain and particular search phrase combinations that when aligned with your landing page will offer the best opportunities to produce the desired goals and returns of your advertising objectives. Defining your business niche in terms of search engine results and discovering those (highly relevant) keywords and phrases is essential to an online marketing campaigns success.

Now all that is needed is an attractive ad rank, great ad, and a click through to success, right? Well, if all the keywords in this campaign are exact match types that may be the case, except ……    exact match causes you to leave most of the search traffic on the table. Exact matches ignore all the highly valuable longtail search phrase permutations of your keyword — variations that you wouldn’t be able to anticipate. This dilemma is resolved by utilizing broad or phrase match keywords while mining your search query results for negative keywords.

You can increase your profitability and better control the flow of traffic in your account by using negative keywords to the fullest.


So negative keyword discovery is equally important to establishing the parameters that target the correct audience. Negative keywords filter out potential matches that you know won’t convert and prevent wasting ad spend on search queries that are not relevant to your target audience. Negative keywords offer an opportunity to strategically restrict your PPC  advertisements so they only reach your best potential customers. They allow you to cast the widest possible net while filtering out non-performing or unwanted searches.

Negative Keyword Additions Are A Regular Part of AdWords Account Maintenance.

Every irrelevant query that results in a paid click is ad spend that could have been focused on quality searches that count. Over time this results in a lot of the advertising budget randomly tossed to the winds of search. User queries that have no intent of converting on your web site not only waste money but expose your ads to uninterested impressions. This lowers your relative click through rate which in turn lowers your quality score resulting in a higher cost/click to achieve equivalent ad rank.

In summary bidding on the best keywords is only half the battle. Implementing strategic search parameters via negative keyword research is just as important for an effective PPC strategy. When used correctly, negative keywords can tighten your ad groups for better relevancy and help you save the budget for the best quality searches.

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