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Software To Help With Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag Analytics Strategy

Knowing what hashtags are trending, gaining followers, or receiving the most likes can improve your marketing strategy for reaching people. A variety of software is available to help you analyze, evaluate, and make improvements to your social media postings.

Examples of Software for Hashtag Analytics website, free, and offers many useful features:

  1. generates a list of hashtags based on a keyword you insert. Then creates a list with popular (used the most), random, similar, and live hashtags (based on what others users have in their posts).
  2. geared to Instagram needs by providing blocks of 30 hashtags that you can copy/paste.
  3. creates a hashtag + keywords instantly, in case you are on a smartphone and don’t want to add the hash to every word or phrase.
  4. analytics available that can extract numerical information about your hashtag word or phrase, listing its ranking from all hashtags, how many times used, and number of similar types of hashtags. Also, graphics show how your hashtag compares to other highly rated hashtags.
  5. lists top hashtags for today, last 7 days, last month, and all time

Other software with hashtag analytic capabilities can assess the number of followers, likes, saves, or knowing the best or worst times to post. Both Squarelovin and Instagram Insights are free with these additional analytic functions. To read more on how to maximize you hashtag strategy on social media with various software, read from Shane Barker’s blog HERE

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