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Blockchain News | Website List 2018

Blockchain News | Website List 2018

Wirefreesoft is putting together our list of important sites for blockchain news and information. Our list will cover everything from Blockchain news and info to technical articles ranging from ICO regulation to such computer centric areas as mining rigs and mining operations.


This is the well known company in San Francisco that has their online platform which store user wallets (and supposedly backed up with cold storage globally) which is easy to use and also allows beginners to learn to send money between wallets. Coinbase did turn over accounts of its members to the IRS for those trading over $20,000…or so goes the rumor.

Coinbase has 10 million members and 50 billion in transactions.

Interesting read on Coinbase Security for how they store wallets offline:

GDAX Exchange

This exhange is part of Coinbase. This exchange is for bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash. It is a great place to start to learn the market system used to bid on pricing of coins. Much like stock option trading but simplified. You can transfer without a fee between you Coinbase account and Gdax and trading on Gdax lowers your fees to 0.25% from Coinbase 1.5% or more (these could vary but it does make a difference)

Coin Desk

A news site dedicated to Blockchain news with articles in many categories such Bitcoin mining, ICOs, Bitcoin regulation, Ethereum code update news, and many other financial to technical articles (but generally easy to read)


Great site for comparisons on many coin exchange rates relative to currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, etc. It also allows comparing to Btc which is useful to see how other coins are doing relative to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin to US Dollar


This news site keeps viewers up to date with all types of crypt news. This site also has some useful basic info links to learn about blockchain and bitcoin concepts:

Knowledge base

Genesis Mining

This is a premier cloud miner. This allows those that do not want to get that hands dirty or electrocuted figuring setting up mining equipment. This model allows members to mine coins and choose different mining contracts that guarentee a certain hash rate. Electricity is a big component for mining so many people who do not have cheap utility rates then this is a viable option to mine bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin.


This is a company worth knowing about. They are a Chinese company who is the main producer of the ASIC computers that are specific to mining bitcoin. Antminer S9 is currently the topThey are specially made for mining only. They are loud and mining farms use massive amounts of energy. To give an idea from tests Wirefreesoft has done we have seen 135 mh/s using 450 watts from a 6gpu nvidea 1060 setup. And a small farm may have 100 of these machines so that is 45000 watts used continuously all day.

The Antminer Products


This site is a grid of charts for bitcoin and many of the traded ICO coins.

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