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One of our Wirefreesoft consultants had a quick cloud summary article to contribute since she has been transitioning to the Cloud. We thought this would be useful for those looking for articles on Cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage is my new go-to container for content. Why? Because I’m tired of being confused about which computer, phone, or other mobile device did I use to write that proposal or use to download those images.

Although I have external hard drives, portable USB drives, and various devices with internal storage space, I have accumulated so much digital content that I can’t always remember its location. The Cloud allows me to mostly have it all in one virtual place.

Could Mark Watney Help

Before acquiring Cloud storage, I had to decide which Cloud was right for me. I search engined the *&$$@!* out of that question. I Google-ed, Dogpile-ed, Bing-ed, Yahoo-ed, Quora-ed, Duckduckgo-ed, the question. So what Cloud storage reviews, roundup’s, best of’s, and fav’s of 2016 lists would help me. Could possibly The Martian astronaut Mark Watney, a.k.a. Matt Daman, help me in my decision making. Probably not, but hey, I thought I could better navigate this digital Earth world with a little more information.


Here are a few tips to think about when selecting a Cloud service.

  1. Consider what hardware devices, software, and app content you want to sync and what files you would upload to the Cloud
  2. How much Cloud storage space do you require
  3. Do you want free versus paid Cloud storage, maybe test a free service before you make your decision
  4. Review the available Cloud services, i.e. Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.
  5. Click on the icons to read more about Cloud storage comparisons
    Intego Cloud Review

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Cloud Storage Update September 2017: Click the following link so you can see Cloudwards info on OneDrive:


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