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Instagram Ads

Wirefreesoft can help you create and promote your business with Instagram Ads. These ads reach a wide range of people and are a cost effective way to start marketing your business.

Instagram ads are bought on an auction bidding system that ultimately dictates their prices.  A budget is structured either on a daily basis or by the total cost of a campaign lifecycle.

Bids are the maximum amount of money a company is willing to spend on each user that completes the ad objective. That objective could include anything from viewing a video to clicking on a website link to downloading a mobile application.

In an auction, Instagram determines which advertisement will create the most value for its users and selects a winner on that basis. That value is established by three primary factors. As the winner, you get to place your ad in the space your competitors were vying for. You are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and your ads remain live until your budget runs out. On an average depending on the industry ads on Instagram average anywhere $0.70 – $3.50 per click.

If you use the correct keywords and target audience correctly you can maximize your reach and results. Instagram Ads allow you to target a specific audience and set exactly the purpose for each ad and campaign. Wirefreesoft enjoys helping our clients have high preforming and engaging ads on social media including Instagram. Wirefreesoft can help your business make high quality advertisements that are relevant to your clientele.

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