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Search Engine Stats 2017

Wirefreesoft is always researching the many aspects of SEO, PPC, and the many statistics that go along with developing strategies to bring clicks, impressions, and ultimately, business to our clients. The data is always changing, but, the goal of every online advertiser is to use the data to optimize websites based on patterns and trends. The final goal is to create the best ROI for the Ad/PPC/SEO investment. Managing PPC such as Google AdWords along with SEO per page (and landing pages) on websites takes time which requires an investment by a business to pay a Web Design and/or Ad Agency. All of these costs do add up so finding the right team with a strong understanding of PPC and SEO (and keeping current) is the most important aspect for any business now.

Update: October 2017: Google is now showing 91.8% of search engine traffic according to this StatCounter | Global Stats:

Here is a good article for stats on Search Engines, devices, industry click data, etc. We thought this was worth pointing out for clients – of course, there can be many variations in all data, however, this covers many details that are worth review. Main thing – Google is mobile first and that is becoming a significant data driver:

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