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Software For Work Meetings Online

Conducting business from home is the new norm. What are your software options for work meetings online?

Communicating LIVE from home

It’s likely you’re familiar with some of these products. Families and businesses use them for group or pseudo-face-to-face communication. Commercials, talk shows, and fictional shows use them to tell stories and keep the Hollywood business afloat.

  • Zoom – video conference collaboration tool that allows interactivity with a few or up to 1000 people, includes instant messaging, break-out rooms, etc. Visit the Zoom software site for more information on features and best practices to secure your Zoom meetings.
  • Microsoft 365 Teams – enables video conference meetings with a few or up to 250 people, group chats, easy sharing of documentation, etc. For more information, visit the Microsoft site.
  • Instagram Live Feed Tool enables streaming live video from your computer or mobile device. It’s not a video conference tool that enables large numbers of people to interact, but it is another option for two people to speak to one another on a live broadcast. Those who are watching the broadcast can add comments and emoji responses while the video feed is live. To learn more about starting a live broadcast on Instagram, visit the Instagram Help Site. Also, here is a how-to guide for creating a two-person Instagram Live Feed from the Social Media Examiner Resource.
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