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Targeting Local Customers Through Hashtags

Targeting Local Customers Through Hashtags

Connect with your local customers through location-specific hashtags on social media posts. Since people often search for what is nearby them, consider including a hashtag with a city, town, county, state, or region along with your product, service, or brand.

For example, a food or beverage business might include #restaurant, #lunchspecial, #beer, #coffee, #dessert, #sobanoodles, #bobadrinks, #happyhourspecial, #mothersdaybrunch. These are general words and phrases to describe products, offers, and events. They likely will rate high in the analytical data, meaning lots of people are searching for it at this time, but will they find your business.

To attract local customers, consider using keywords and phrases that include your products or services with a geographic location. This offers a targeted radius of potential customers. For example, #beer, although a popular hashtag, it could be more city-specific with #losangelesbeer or #torrancebeer leading potential customers to a specific craft brewery business in the Southern California area.

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