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WordPress 5.8 Update Information


Wirefreesoft is dedicated to staying up to date with all the latest updates from WordPress. The newest WordPress Edition is the 5.8 beta.

Some of the new features of WordPress 5.8 include a new template editor which allows you to get more done with the blocks including allowing widgets to be edited with this feature. This will allow you to edit your widget without having to install any plugins. WordPress will also be dropping Internet Explorer which will make it faster as it is now using less code in its core.

Some new design features of WordPress 5.8 include gradient backgrounds in tables, new pattern suggestions, filters that allow colorization of images and videos, better padding options around columns, a more accessible handle for blocks, and a better list view. There is also going to be a new WebP image format so that your images can be converted to about 25%-34% smaller, while keeping the same quality as a standard JPEG and PNG file.

There are over 300 bug fixes, new features and improvements to this new version of WordPress including extra colors for text and links as well. Wirefreesoft is committed to creating the best websites possible and always looks forward to updates in software.

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