Take The Time To Invest Into Proper Ad Group Structure

ad groups structure


Ideally when people are searching online and they type a word or phrase, they’re looking for information that’s closely tied to those words. The more relevant the information and description appearing in the text of an ad the more likely that person will click the ad copy and visit the web site. Organizing and structuring your ad groups into tight and specific themes will provide a distinct advantage in allowing your ads to serve the right customers. It will save money as higher quality scores are attributed to keywords resulting from increased click through rates and it allows you to better track and measure the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

ad groups keyword grouping
The entire existence of an ad group is to show specific ads to a targeted audience.

Every keyword in an ad group should appear in the ad copy or its extensions (added snippets of descriptive text or site links). This keeps the Ads and ad group tightly themed and relevant to just a few keywords relating to one specific product/service and landing on a page devoted to this business category.

Advantages to structuring tight ad groups and keywords

  • Keywords will achieve higher quality scores as they are directly relevant and related to the ad copy. This in turn will lower the average cost/click and lift ads to higher ranks.
  • A smaller keyword group is easier to manage and compare. Aligning a small keyword set around a specific subject allows for more exact match types that filter out unwanted clicks. And time is saved by not requiring the amount of negative keyword discovery and research that accompanies ad groups utilizing broad match keywords.
  • Optimizing results for better returns on ad spend becomes more efficient and precise with single focus ad groups. The specific products/services that are delivering the best performance become clearer and more distinct. Granulated ad groups naturally lend insight into comparative cost/benefit analysis.

keyword organization


I want to mention one more important aspect attributing to ad group stucture and success. Investing time into testing variations of your ads is a must for maximizing returns. You never know what message might resonate best with potential customers. Differing combinations of phrase and descriptive text can result in varying click through rates. Also search trends and impression volumes change over time. Your ad creatives need to keep pace in order to keep connecting with your targeted audiences.

In summary :
commit the necessary time required to properly organize and structure your ad groups and keywords. Adhering to solid grouping principals centered around a singular theme will consistently yield better results on your invested ad spend.