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Not All Clicks Are Created Equal

Viewing reports and seeing your clicks / day on the rise is exciting and on the surface this appears to be a good thing and all things being equal (in terms of quality hits) it generally is. And conversely, watching your click count fall feels like something must be going in the wrong direction  Right?   Not necessarily.



Not all clicks end with the same result. By assigning a value scale to clicks relating site interaction behavior and desirable event actions that a user might initiate, site sessions suddenly become segregated often revealing a measurable gap between clicks that you want and clicks that you wish you didn’t have to pay for. Defining a click in terms of the desirable action it lead to is described as a goal or conversion.

Would you rather pay $2.00/click for a group of clicks characterized by session times averaging only 15 seconds or $3.25/click for a group with average session times of 2:30 minutes. Do you prefer a group that only occasionally lands on the “contact us page” with lower cost or a group with a high percentage of contact page visits carrying a higher cost/click.

You can pay for tons of clicks all day long, but if those site visitors are not converting – you’re wasting your money.

You will certainly get more clicks in the first scenario before your daily ad spend hits the upper bound of your budget but are they worth paying for?  The cost that is paid for the number of clicks required to register a conversion generates a valuable measurement metric –  Cost/conversion. For an e-commerce site these determinations are self evident (the value of online sales) but for a brick and mortar store looking to attract customers from their site to a store front, well this is a bit nebulous. None the less, as I mentioned above, which click would you rather pay for.



With Google Adwords and Analytics an online marketing campaigns click activity can be segmented into several dimensions, even with dimensions overlapping for greater filtration. Observations and measurements can reveal discrepancies between categories like location, time, keyword, search term, device, and traffic source.  In Adwords these dimensions can be isolated so as to focus ad spend on greener pastures. As others are likely to be doing the same and raising their bids for more attractive auctions, Well you guessed it, better real estate usually cost more. And then sometimes, by diligently scrutinizing the data you find a gem, good conversion ratios reached with a relatively innocuous cost/click.

Our smart team at Wirefreesoft specializes in custom algorithms finding the most valuable clicks at the best cost/click point available to the market.

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