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Are You and Your Business Web-Ready?

As business owners, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, many of us have yet to fully refine our skills in the online realm. There is a bright side here, however, and that is that there are plenty of online services and digitally-connected professionals that can help us take our business to the web and beyond. Plus, we can even use the internet to make things easier on us so we can focus our time on our business. Wirefreesoft put together this quick article to help you get started.

Digital Services For Your Business

If you’re looking to elevate your status on the World Wide Web, you’ll need a helping hand. A few services and professionals you might consider are:

  • Web Design. Your website is your biggest piece of online real estate. Wirefreesoft smartly likened your website to your business’s front door. This means it has to have “curb appeal.” Your website must be attractive, responsive, and, importantly, fully accessible to mobile users.
  • Invoicing. Collecting money is a huge pain point for many small business owners. If you are still using spreadsheets or handwritten invoices, it’s time to find an invoice template that works for your business. You can use an online invoice generator to help you create a billing system that’s fully customizable to your business – you can add your logo, text, and even photos to your invoice – to make it easy to collect your hard-earned cash. Before you start designing, make sure that you can download your creation to your company’s existing systems, if applicable.

Of course, if you need full-service accounting software, companies like Freshbooks offer robust, comprehensive packages that can help you address all of your business’s needs. This way, you can keep track of all the necessary data without having to learn a needlessly complicated bookkeeping system.

  • Workflow Software. Workflow software is a type of program that helps you process data and to see where projects are and who’s on them. Workflow software might be manual or you can set up systems that take over when a specific set of actions happens. Kissflow uses the example of a financial report. You could initiate one of these, and then your workflow can take care of the time-consuming task of sending it to pertinent parties.
  • Cybersecurity. Your website is the front door of your business, but it can also be used as the back door. A cybersecurity solutions provider can ensure that there are no cracks in your digital infrastructure that hackers might be able to exploit.

Web-Based Help For You

While there are many tools that can help you automate things in your business, there’s also lots of web-based help that can help you be a better business owner.

  • Business Formation. Business formation is one of those tasks we’re supposed to do early on, but it can be intimidating. The internet comes to the rescue here with online formation services that make it easy to understand the regulations in your state. As an LLC, you’ll have some management flexibility, protection from debts, and a few tax advantages.
  • Online Education. The internet can also be really useful if you need to learn a certain skill. Online education portals, such as Coursera, can give you the flexibility to learn what you want, when you want. There are plenty of certification programs to choose from, and, if you don’t mind spending some time researching, you may even find free programs.
  • Employee Recruiting. Something else you can do using the web to make life easier on you at work is to use the internet to recruit new employees. According to Glassdoor, there are lots of strategies you can use, including utilizing a job skills test to help you identify stronger candidates.

For the most part, there are very few things that the internet can’t help you with. When it comes to your business, you should not count out technology just because it’s new. Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone, and there are plenty of professionals that can help you. Plus, many of the online tools and services you’ll find are intuitive and affordable. Reach out to Wirefreesoft today to learn more about we can help you!

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