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How To Use Data Analytics To Win in Business

Many business owners are overwhelmed by the term ‘data analytics’ — what it is, how to do it, and how it can help. Businesses can utilize data analytics to improve everything from strategy to growth. Today, Wirefreesoft shares some tips to help you use data analytics to improve your business.

How Data Analytics Can Help

There are many ways data analytics can help your business, and understanding how these applications fit into your company’s vision is key. Successful businesses utilize data analytics to make informed decisions that strengthen operations and boost profits. Whether it’s customer acquisition, retention, marketing campaigns, risk management, inventory management, or product development — data analytics has a place in every business sector.

Risk Management

As a business owner, you have several risks to manage. Since data is one of your most valuable assets and decisions are made based on it, these two things go hand-in-hand. Risk management encompasses strategies for minimizing damage from all possible eventualities for your business. It includes understanding events such as cybersecurity breaches, quality control issues, and fraudulent transactions.

Inventory Management

Ensuring enough product is on hand to meet demand is challenging for many businesses. Data analytics can help make inventory management easier by providing insights into which items are bestsellers and which aren’t moving off shelves. Having this data means you can focus your inventory dollars on what sells best, saving money and ensuring your business has enough of what customers want most whenever they want it.


One of the most valuable ways to use data analytics is in operations. While you don’t want your operations teams spending all their time crunching numbers, it can be useful for them to have access to metrics to ensure things are running smoothly and to keep efficiency up. Mapping and optimization of process flows is vital to maximizing efficiency. Likewise, data analytics can help answer questions such as:

  • What are your lead times?
  • Do you usually keep up with inventory?
  • How long does it take your customer service team to resolve calls?

Marketing Campaigns

Much of your marketing metrics can be informed by data analytics. By performing analysis, you can determine patterns for seasonal campaigns, see why customers buy your products, or determine target demographics for your business. 

As part of your marketing plan, create a logo. Instead of paying for logo design services, you may create an appealing and original logo design yourself using an online logo builder. Just choose a style and icon, then type in any text you need, view a variety of logos, and change their fonts and colors.

Sharpening Your Skills

Returning to school for a degree in Information Technology is a great way to expand your expertise, gain a better grasp of data analytics, and help your business succeed. Learning how to use data analytics for predictive modeling, data mining, and machine learning can help you make better decisions, support better products and services, improve customer experience, and protect against fraud. An online information technology degree allows you to move at your own pace while focusing on your particular needs.

Valuable Insight

Data analytics can help support and inform your decision-making process from operations and marketing campaigns to risk management — virtually every aspect of your business. Use data analytics to gain valuable insight into your strategies and tell you if they work.

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