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Black Mirror and Your Internet Ranking


Techno-utopia or dystopia?

In a digital world, your hard work is ranked. You often receive like/dislike, yes/no, 1 to 5-stars that can make you feel vulnerable? Even your business can be susceptible to these ranking systems. So consider, what ways could you optimize your website and have more control over your internet presence.

Black Mirror Reflection

A Netflix Black Mirror episode titled “Nose Dive” addresses exactly this ranking anxiety scenario. The modern obsession with technology and the quantified identity on social networking sites is presented in all its frustrating layers. The character, Lacie, is graded in every encounter with her coffee barista, rental car agent, and co-workers. Basically, anyone including strangers in passing cars contribute to the increase/decrease fluctuation in her score. Just think how exhausting it can be when one’s brand is vulnerable, whether it is yourself or a business. The Black Mirror episode magnifies such a concern.

Online Brand Presence

Why ranking is so popular. Simply – it helps consumers make decisions…and corporations too. And tracking rankings and other stats is the holy grail to retailers of any product or service to gain insight as to what is working or not. Having a presence online means you will reach a larger audience in a way that humans never dreamed of 50 years ago…but reaching that audience is the key and that is where search comes in. When a person searches for a particular service or product, it is often whatever pops up first that grabs his or her attention. With any business, it is important to consider how quickly a potential customer could find you online. Optimizing your site for easy reference and accessibility can ensure more repeat customers. Wirefreesoft can provide this kind of assistance and maximized opportunity. Or you could just forget it all. Technology and the Internet are amazing, but it also requires plenty of your time to figure out how it can work for you.

In concluding, a digital presence is shaped by our words, pictures, feedback, etc. and having an agency that is up to date with the latest feature sets for Adwords, SEO,  and WordPress sites is required to stay on top. Wirefreesoft can help push your business to the top of the rankings with our Mobile Ad Solutions.

Gaining and retaining consumers is hard enough. You do not need to feel overwhelmed by a digital popularity race. We highly recommend watching  Netflix Black Mirror titled “Nose Dive” (Season 3 Episode 1) and feel free to leave a comment regarding your thoughts.



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