Web Hosting Company Round-Up

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Web hosting options have grown extensively over the years. There are numerous services to compare, so it makes for quite a challenging experience to learn about:

  • pricing plans
  • customer support
  • storage plans
  • backups / migrations
  • website security
  • money-back guarantee
  • dashboard features
  • SSL certificates
  • bandwidth – volume of information sent over a connection
  • marketing services
  • domain […]

Virtually Gathering With Microsoft’s “Together Mode” Feature

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Microsoft is introducing the “Together Mode” for videoconferencing. This new option offers something different than square grids of people’s faces. As part of the Microsoft Team’s Business software, this mode shows an auditorium and places people in virtual seats together. According to MIT Technology Review site, it “uses artificial intelligence to take a cutout […]

Infographic for Digital Marketing Strategies

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Savvy digital marketing can help boost sales for products and services.

The following visual excerpts from an infographic about trends in digital marketing can help with:

Keyword ranking  + Organic search  +  Local SEO  +  Mobile Search  +  Social Media  +  Video Marketing  +  Video Consumption  +  Cold Email Marketing  +  Paid Advertising  +  Pop-Up Advertising  +  […]