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Don’t Miss The Digital Switch

It’s now more important than ever to stay up to date on the way people are consuming their data. Studies are showing that people are consuming media less on traditional Television Networks and instead switching to view clips and short segments about exactly what they want to see, at a time more convenient for them.

Traditional TV viewing has dropped from 100 million households in 2014 to 74 million today. And it’s forecast to fall to just 44 million by 2025. While most brands understand the need for a digital-first approach, many are taking their time getting there. Don’t be them.

In just the past year, even the last bastions of linear-TV viewing — live events, news, sports, and cultural moments, such as the Oscars and Grammys — have seen big declines in viewership. The 2021 Oscars broadcast had half the audience it did in 2020 and the Grammy’s had only 9 million views during their live broadcasting.

Interestingly it’s not that viewers are losing interest in linear TV. Dua Lipa’s performance of “Levitating” during the ceremony has been viewed online more than 53 million times and counting. It’s that viewers seek material that it shorter and more topic focused.

Now, 73% of people describe “good content” as something personal and that relates to their interests. The new premium is about control and choice, not production values.

It’s also now possible to drive mass reach without having traditional TV placements on your media plan. People are connecting their televisions and even phones to content apps and thus allowing non traditional viewing options to be accessible on the “big screen”. This means that while at the same time being able to reach the masses; introducing more specific digital-targeting and campaign-flighting options to the TV environment brings the opportunity to tailor your message for different audiences. So not only do you get mass capturing, you are also getting to target groups within those masses.

If you’re interested in learning how your business can get on the bandwagon and incorporate digital media Wirefreesoft can help.

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