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Finding Or Making Eye Catching GIF Animations

Consider adding a GIF animation to your website or social media sites. It is an eye catching way to attract attention to your business, service, or product.

Making a GIF

The .gif file (acronym for Graphic Interchange Format) is a short animation created from a video or images looped repeatedly. It can easily be made with any of the GIF maker sites such as GIPHY, BlogGif, Picasion,, GIFPal, ezGIF, and imgflip.

For each of these GIF maker sites, consider

  • number of image uploads or video size allowed
  • what special effects or editing tools are provided
  • how to share or embed final GIF

For a more comprehensive review of online GIF maker sites, read the following review of 20 + GIF makers HERE.

Searching for a GIF

If interested in adding a GIF that is already made.

  • Search GOOGLE by typing in your search word; go to IMAGES, select TOOLS, then select TYPE and finally choose GIF. You will see a selection of GIFs, though it’s likely it’ll appear as a still image till you click on it.
  • Search the GIPHY site where a long list of GIFs will fill the screen. Then select one. To the right of the GIF you can choose to copy link, share URL media, or obtain an embed code.
  • Social Media sites also have libraries of searchable GIFs. Read more here searching for GIFs on Twitter and Facebook.
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