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Google Removes Right Side Ads

Major Ad Change by Google – Who Benefits?

We are sure a few of you noticed something this week when you did a search on Google; the Ads were gone on the right side of the search result. There are alot of takes on this new approach and what does it mean to business advertising utilizing Adwords. Well here is something we noticed – this is still preliminary – it seems the bidding for keywords went up which makes sense because now there are only 4 spots to bid for at the top of the page (there are also 3 more spots at bottom – so kind of just a rearrangement). But, alot of power by the fact that there are only commercial Ads above the  fold and no organic…and everyone knows above the fold is where it’s at! google logo from google 2016So does this mean businesses with the most cash on hand can just pay their way more easily to get to the top…and does this mean that little businesses that had a chance using Adwords now have less chance since the keyword bid costs go up which may strain their budget more than their larger competitor. Well, it would seem if there were more search engine players then businesses would have more choices and the playing field for where to put one’s advertising budget would create a more balanced web world advertising ecosystem. But, guess its just capitalism so more money usually gains more power. Bottomline, Google will do well financially with this decision…they probably would not have done it otherwise.

Any opinions on this?

Here are some some other good articles to fill you in:

I’m sure plenty of opinions on this as we start to see how this affects businesses- especially small businesses.

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