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Google Snack Pack

What is the Google Snack Pack and Why It Matters

Google snack pack is the section in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) that is boxed and shows the top 3 map business listings in that section. The snack pack will display below Google Text Ads and also appears in the results for organic searches in Google.

The Google snack pack box appears on the first page generally at top above the fold along with other organic results. It also can be expanded to show many local businesses. The Snack Pack is very important for local SERP and items such as Google Reviews are important factors for this first page listing section.

Rankings are represented by a number and a letter. Snack Packs are great way to get a business showing up at the top of search even if the business does not do paid clicks Ads.

An example of SERP displaying the Snack Pack.

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