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Google Trademark Policy 2024

The Google Ads Trademarks policy will be updated worldwide on July 24, 2023. Beginning on that date, we will accept and process trademark complaints only against specific advertisers and/or ads, rather than all advertisers in the trademark owner’s industry.
Google continues to invest significant resources to create and enforce effective advertiser policies to prevent abuse while enabling businesses of all sizes to thrive, as detailed in our most recent Ads Safety Report. In particular, advertisers must abide by the Google Ads Misrepresentation policy, which disallows ads or destinations that deceive users by excluding relevant product information or providing misleading information about products, services, or businesses (for example, brand-based abuse like phishing and fraud). Overall, in 2022, we blocked or removed 142 million advertisements for violating our misrepresentation policy, and are constantly working to improve our detection and enforcement systems.
As part of the migration to a new policy enforcement system and as new submissions are made under the updated policy, trademark restrictions implemented prior to July 24, 2023 will be gradually phased out for most advertisers over the next 12-18 months. Visit the Google Ads Trademarks policy for more information.