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Rank Website Internal Pages | Inbound Links

Adding links to other website pages or from internal pages of a website is the concept of creating a flow of cross information that can traverse many web sources to enhance the value of a web page – and also the possible by-product of increasing Page Rank on Google Search. Strategies for using internal links is one of the more important aspects of improving the information flow and overall rank of a website. Blog posting strategies are probably the most important aspect of adding value and more viewers to a site – especially, as a site offers more unique content as an information source for viewers who find the site. With this in mind, internal links between blog posts, home page, and other categorical pages are critical to the overall organic Seo success of a website.

From Neil Patel (Seo Guru on the web):

Google is much more concerned about a site’s internal pages than its homepage – because the information that’ll be useful to search users – blog posts, for example – is often not found on the homepage.

Your services page, blog posts and other pages on your site are all important. You shouldn’t focus solely on your homepage and should work towards building internal links that will send users to other parts of your website. It’s time to dive deeper and get your internal pages higher up in organic search results.

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And More on Google Algorithms

Before you can fully understand the impact of each individual search algorithm update, you need to have a working knowledge of what a search engine algorithm is all about.

The word “algorithm” refers to the logic-based, step-by-step procedure for solving a particular problem.

In the case of a search engine, the problem is “how to find the most relevant webpages for this particular set of keywords (or search terms).”

The algorithm is how Google finds, ranks, and returns the relevant results.

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