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SEO Costs 2017

We are always asked what is the cost of Seo. So we are always evaluating market rates and trying to give our clients the best possible solution derived from the value of paying Wirefreesoft to develop an Seo/online advertising strategy. Alot goes into Seo and more than many clients see or care to understand. And since Google is constantly improving (or updating) their search algorithms, there is always an ongoing quest to find the best Seo practices.

Related to costs we found a good article (we don’t mind if its a competitor – we just value insight from around the web). So here are some averages and you can read the article for further insight on pros/cons of Seo service options.

Be careful of the many Seo scams.

You see these advertised everywhere, however, real Seo is often done with unique content and good/relevant links. This takes time. Good Seo practices are developed for sites and pages are added and improved over time so that Google can match keyword searches with the best web page providing the best info relative to that search.

A few numbers per the article. These seem to be close and variations exist from city to city.

The average hourly rate ranges from $75 – $150 per hour.
The average SEO retainer costs between $1500 – $3000 per month.

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