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Ink Pen Digital Paper

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Do you prefer pens, pencils, keyboard, or some other tool when writing, drawing, or jotting down something? In a meeting do you take notes on paper, digital pad, or computer/mobile device screen? Regardless of your preference, consider this option that combines the ol’ pen tool with a digital device. It’s the SmartPen3 and notebook by Livescribe. You can write down anything with this ink pen and immediately it transfers your content to your mobile devices or computer.

Why would you want this tech?

Because some people like to write and draw their ideas with ink pens and pencils. It’s free form and not so linear like a word processing program. While clicking keys on your computer in a meeting might be your way of note taking, others might still prefer pen to paper. Possibly it’s the sensory experience of writing, hand to pen to paper, that may help you think, remember, and process things.

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So this technology has been around for some years, but it keeps getting better. The Livescribe Smartpen3 is a crazy, magical tool. Imagine you have written your ideas on paper with this ink pen (*blue, black, red ink optional). Then add the extra perk of having those words and images transferred to a digital version instantaneously, and retrievable anywhere. You could be at a coffee shop using your phone to review your notes from an earlier meeting or idea session without having to take multiple notebooks everywhere whenever you want to review your notes. With the Smartpen3, you get the tactile experience of writing down what you hear or drawing what you think with this inkpen. And then, at a later time you can review your words or images on whatever digital device you choose without needing the pen or paper with you.

live scribe smartpen3 technology

Tech Details 

It can be used on PC, Mac, and Android/iOS Device. The Smartpen3 is a typical pen with replaceable ink cartridges. It is bluetooth connected to one or many of your devices through the downloaded Livescribe App. You’ll need to write in one of the Livescribe notebooks which are spiral bound or  Moleskine notebooks. Before you think, oh no, costly. Check pricing from Best Buy, Fry’s, Wal-Mart, Amazon or other stores. You can even use the pen with these notebooks while not connected to bluetooth. And then later, turn on bluetooth connection and see how magically your words or images appear on your digital device screen. It’s surprising. This pen also has the capability to record audio that is linked to your notetaking session too.

Sharing your work 

Again, why would any business or person want this new tech? The reason is, some people work well with pen or pencil, and having this tool could help one better retain, organize, and revisit ideas and information easier and anywhere. With Smartpen3 you can write down your notes or draw on the paper, then easily share it as a PDF document or PNG image file through Mail, Messages, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It’s another way to bring your ideas to paper and screen, while also digitally retrieving or sharing them.

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