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Tips about Keywords

Keywords define your website content

Keywords for a website can be singular word and long-tail keyword phrases that describe products, services, or information. Apart from creating a text picture of what is on webpages, keywords are important in the creation of search engine results pages (SERPS) that ultimately could drives user traffic to your website.

Location, Location, Location

Apart from selecting effective keywords, have you placed keywords in the prime crawling territory of those electronic spider robots?

Obvious places for adding keywords are in those aptly named “keyword” prompt sections. Also, consider adding keywords to

  • First Paragraph
  • Headings/Subheadings
  • Page titles/Blog Post titles
  • URL addresses
  • Page/Blog Post meta descriptions
  • Image alt attributes

Having search engines find your website or new content postings can feel like a puzzle to solve. There are many things to consider when building a website. Creating consistent online content is very important, but keyword choices and placement are elements that can build or limit SEO rankings too. Visit these links to learn more about keyword optimization and SERPS.

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