Tips about Keywords

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Keywords define your website content

Keywords for a website can be singular word and long-tail keyword phrases that describe products, services, or information. Apart from creating a text picture of what is on webpages, keywords are important in the creation of search engine results pages (SERPS) that ultimately could drives user traffic to […]

Yelp Brings Local Attention To Businesses

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Why use Yelp?

For some people, when they need house repairs, haircuts, places to eat, shop, or be entertained, they visit the social media site Yelp.

Yelp is the digital yellow pages to what is available in the local area. It lists businesses based on category of product or service. Although you may only think of […]

Targeting Local Customers Through Hashtags

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Targeting Local Customers Through Hashtags

Connect with your local customers through location-specific hashtags on social media posts. Since people often search for what is nearby them, consider including a hashtag with a city, town, county, state, or region along with your product, service, or brand.

For example, a food or beverage business might include #restaurant, #lunchspecial, #beer, […]

Instagram Hashtags

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Instagram Hashtags for Customer Engagement

Are you interested in using Instagram hashtags to draw customers to your website? The right hashtags can lead customers to your products, services, and interests. This means:

  • you need up-to-date and not banned or irrelevant hashtags
  • know what your competitors are using
  • create at least 9 or 10 Instagram hashtags, though […]

Twitter Hashtags-Importance of Social Media for Business

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General Tips on How to Build Visibility on Social Media Platforms, like Twitter 

To connect your business to customers on social media platforms, you’ll need to do your research in selecting hashtags that engage and represent your brand. Here are a few tips for developing Twitter hashtags:

  1. Twitter recommends only two hashtags per Tweet. […]

Rank Website Internal Pages | Inbound Links

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Adding links to other website pages or from internal pages of a website is the concept of creating a flow of cross information that can traverse many web sources to enhance the value of a web page – and also the possible by-product of increasing Page Rank on Google Search. Strategies for using […]

Blockchain News | Website List 2018

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Blockchain News | Website List 2018

Wirefreesoft is putting together our list of important sites for blockchain news and information. Our list will cover everything from Blockchain news and info to technical articles ranging from ICO regulation to such computer centric areas as mining rigs and mining operations.


This is the well known company in San Francisco […]

Optimizing URL Addresses for People and Machines

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How do people and computer devices search for your business products or services? It starts with keywords in a search engine. Then the computer machines of the world digitally speak to each other and spit out suggested websites. Optimizing your URL address could improve your chances of a person selecting your website.

So if you’re the […]

Curious about Cryptocurrency Trading

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Are you interested in cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency also known as coins, tokens, digital currency, and virtual currency are traded, as well as used to buy assets, services, and other things. There are many types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), DASH (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), IOTA (MIOTA), and other known and lesser known […]

Boston Dynamics Robot Back Flip Video

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Boston Dynamics are masters of mechanical engineering. Since some members of our team come from mechanical engineering background, thought we would post some youtube videos of their new robots doing some pretty impressive human-like motions. Atlas doing the robot back flip has to be the first of its kind. […]

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