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Social Media Sites and Advertising

If you aren’t leveraging social media sites with your business you are missing out. Wirefreesoft can help you with you social media advertising needs. Below is a running list of social sites and links to information about their advertisements. Reach out to Wirefreesoft today to get started with your social ads.


Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people who matter most to them. Advertisers create campaigns that have specific goals, which we call advertising objectives and they create ads within those campaigns to help them reach those objectives.

Advertising on Facebook


Advertise your business and reach your next customers with precise targeting and actionable insights. Decide who matters most to your business, then reach them with adjustable targeting options. Boost any post to turn it into an ad, or use Ads Manager for more advanced multi-platform campaigns.

Advertising on Instagram


Pinterest Ads are regular Pins that you pay to be placed where people are most likely to see them. These Pins will surface in your desired audience’s home feed, category feeds, and relevant search results.

Advertising on Pinterest


Reddit is made up of over 100K active communities where people dive into the topics most relevant to them. People come to Reddit to be informed. Because they trust the opinions here, users look to Reddit for product and brand recommendations.

Advertising on Reddit

Tik Tok

Drive online sales, increase app installs, raise brand awareness or build a community. Whatever your objective, TikTok’s got you covered. Advertising on TikTok is quick, efficient and cost-effective.

Advertising on TikTok


MeWe Pages ($1.99 per month) You can pay for a page. There are no other ads. This page allows you to post directly to your feed without any other advertisements popping up to take your audience anywhere else. You get direct access to the following you cultivate. MeWe is available on your favorite Android or iOS smartphone, as well as on all desktops and tablets. MeWe has a bill of privacy and does not sell data or information.

Learn More About MeWe

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